Farwin Simaak profile photo.

Hey there!

I’m Farwin (not as in far, but with an emphasis on r and clearly pronounced) cook, photographer, and the voice behind Love and other Spices. I live in Ontario, Canada with my three sons and husband.

My site reflects how I approach cooking. It’s a bit of love and spices. I believe when you put your passion into cooking you can turn simple meals into something that your family will love and cherish. Originally from Sri Lanka, spices play a huge role in my cooking.

What you’ll find in my blog is simple, easy, fresh meals with loads of flavor.

Simple meals that are easy and fast to cook at any time without sacrificing the taste.

My recipes are budget-friendly, made using everyday ingredients, and healthy for you. I have a major sweet tooth, so definitely there will be treats.

I want to show you how to make vibrant recipes made with everyday ingredients, spanning cuisines from around the world as well as classic comforts. Delicious recipes with the “wow” factor that are simple to make and cost-effective.

I love using modern appliances in my cooking to make meal times easier and fast. I’m a huge Air Fryer fan and you’ll find loads of Air Fryer Recipes on the site.

I’m so glad you stopped by Love and other Spices, and hope you’ll continue to come back and hang out.

If you want to collaborate or get in touch with me email me at [email protected].