Recipe Inspiration

Air Fryer Ground Beef

Cook crispy ground beef in air fryer in just 5 minutes and  use it in nachos and tacos. Perfect for busy weeknights. The best part is the fat drains while cooking giving extra lean meat.

Ingredients NEEDED

- Fresh Ground Beef - Spices : paprika, cumin, black     pepper, garlic powder or taco     seasoning - Salt


Preheat air fryer to 375˚F. Place the ground beef in the air fryer basket and break it down with a wooden spoon or spatula.


 Air fry ground beef for a few minutes. Remove the air fryer basket and gently break down the lumps of ground meat. Cook for one more minute.


Add the spices and salt to the ground beef and mix to coat. Air fry the seasoned ground beef for 1 more minute until brown and crispy.


Transfer the meat to a plate. You can mix in a tablespoon of water or any sauce if the meat is dry. The fat will be pooled in the air fryer tray at the bottom and you can discard it.