Sweet Potato Nests



I get hit by serious sugar cravings in the evenings sometimes. Those are the days when I take an average breakfast as opposed to my tummy-loading ones. And when I wake up after dozing off trying to get my kids to nap. According to healthy mantras,I don’t stock anything for myself except some nuts and bran crackers. But I keep some chocolates and cookies around for kids.
So,when one of those cravings hit me,quite often recently,I frantically search for treasures tucked in corners of the cupboards.I won’t even spare a sideways glance at the fruits on the table,let alone the veggies and yogurt in the refrigerator.Please God,let their be a  piece of forgotten chocolate or some cookies around.What about that jar of Nutella tucked away in the farthest end of the cupboard? Finally,I’ve found treasure. I slather a spoonful of nutella on my bran cracker and munch. spread,munch.spread,munch. It continues till I get sick of the whole thing.


Well,this had to be stopped,with a big full stop. That’s where these beauties come to play.Sweet Potatoes.I chanced upon this recipe,when I was browsing for recipes that are healthy,sweet and could be made in a jiffy. It comes from the blog, FatChicGoesSlim . The low-cal Indian recipes in this site means familiar taste and ingredients I’m used to.


Sweet potatoes are one of the staples in a healthy pantry. This is a ridiculously simple recipe with a great flavor. Grated potatoes and some chopped veggies are formed into nests. The nests are pan-fried or fried in a sandwich toaster with little bit of oil. Served with a drizzle of lemon juice,the nests create a nice concoction of sweet,lemony taste with a bit of heat. The only effort you have to put is to grate the sweet potatoes. I was feeling full after having a couple of pieces,because the potatoes are fibrous and bulk you up. One medium potato would have 2 servings.

Sweet Potato Nests

Ingredients:1 medium sweet potato peeled and grated
1/2 of medium tomato chopped
1 green chilli chopped
handful of coriander leaved chopped
pepper to taste
salt to taste
lemon juice to drizzle
Plain yogurt to serve(optional)

Method:Mix the grated sweet potatoes with tomatoes,green chilies and coriander leaves.Add salt and pepper to taste.  A non-stick pan would be ideal for this. If you’re using one,heat the pan and drizzle few drops of oil. Rub the oil on the pan with a tissue or a piece of cloth. Take some of the sweet potato mixture into your palm and try to form into a patty. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. You can dust some flour if you want to,to bind the mixture.
Place the nests on the heated pan and pour one to two drops of oil on each nest. Cover the pan and let it cook for a few minutes. Remove the lid, flip the nests to the other side and let it cook uncovered till it browns. If you break the nests,just gather it using a spoon and press it to the pan.
You can also use a  sandwich toaster,which is much easier. Place the nests the same way in the triangular  areas in the sandwich toaster,drizzle drops of oil and cook according to the indicator lights.
Remove and drizzle lemon juice on top.

It has the crunch,the sweet,the tang,the heat,the creaminess if you serve with a dollop of yogurt,which I did. Heavenly, with no guilt. My favorite part !




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  1. This sounds delicious. I am going to try this one for sure. I make something similar with potatoes, but I really like the idea of using sweet potatoes..

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