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Welcome to Love and other Spices ! 

I love spices. Being a Lankan, spices play a huge role in my cooking. For me, a good meal is incomplete without spices. I do occasionally open my cardamom jar and inhale the wonderful aroma wafting from it.
Oh ! And what does love has got to do in there ? I believe a sprinkle of love along with spices would transform any meal to a keeper. Moreover, cooking for your family and friends is a labor of love.
And I could also have been inspired by my love for the man I know for the past 16 years.

There you go,that's me and my blog in a nutshell. Now for the detailed info and if you wanna stick around and read more,thank you !

I'm Farwin Simaak and I live in Ireland. I recently moved to this wonderful country and it never ceases to amaze me. One thing I have to get used to is the changing seasons. I just love the scenic picture post card views, luscious greenery and kind people here.

I was living in Dubai previously and tumbled upon the world of food blogging. Dubai being a potpourri of cultures and food, it is a foodies heaven. I grew to love the Shawarmas and Chicken Mandi. I tasted and cooked a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern food. I met a bunch of like minded food enthusiasts and made some lasting friendships. Oh,I'm still part of the amazing Food Bloggers Group in UAE, Fooderati Arabia.

But I still cannot do without my Rice & Curry. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka before I got married and moved. Rice,Curry and Spices is what I grew up with. And the coconuts!
No two curries would be the same. It differs from province to province. And each ethnicity has their own special dishes. Being a Muslim from Colombo means we're famous for Watalappan(Steamed coconut & Jaggery custard),Malay Pickle and Biryani. So in Sri Lanka you get to taste the traditional cuisine plus a mix of which came down from foreign influences like Dutch,Portugese,Malay and British.

I try to document traditional dishes in the blog in the hope that these recipes won't be lost in the passage of time and my kids would have access to it when they grow out of their picky eating phase.
Also the meals I cook at home and are keepers, I try to make it to the blog.
You will find healthy recipes that are good for you(coconut and spices are good for you,right ?) and an occasional naughty treat. Life is all about moderation,people !

In summary,this blog chronicles my ever evolving culinary journey. And I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do cooking and photographing food.

All the photos used in this blog are exclusively mine unless otherwise mentioned. If you need to use,please ask me first.
Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Farwin Simaak,a lankan living in Dubai.A stay at home mom with twins I decided to do something with the free time I suddenly acquired after all the nappy changing,feeding and potty training.I am still interrupted a dozen times as I write this.

The myriad of food blogs with the beautiful food clicks really took my breath away and tapped the foodie inside me who loves to cook and experiment.
I have always been fascinated with food and being in Gulf for the past few years opened up my taste buds to different cuisines which I try out in my kitchen.

This blog documents my everyday cooking from my native Srilanka which is wholesome and healthy,to my favorite desserts and bakes,experiments of different cuisines which has become my favorites and the recipes I come across in books and magazines.

As much as I love cooking I love spending time with my family.So I try to keep my cooking quick and simple except for the occasional time and labor consuming recipe which begs me to try it out.  


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