Let me tell you something about my new found addiction. If you can call 6 months new,that is. Oat bran .

I have it everyday. Almost. Around 5 to 6 times a week for breakfast. It has become my go-to-done-in-5 minute breakfast. I have never got bored of it so far. And I hope I never will.

I detest regular wholewheat rolled oats now,it tastes bland ,very gooey and I thank God I didn't have to stomach it out longer. I discovered oat bran quite accidently while going through a meal plan to lose some of the stubborn-never-seem-to-shift weight. It said to cook the oat bran with just plain water and no sugar. Now that's way too plain for me. Of course,I omitted the sugar and added my own twist to it.
Cinnamon for flavor,nuts for the crunch and dried fruits for sweetness. And for chocolaty goodness,the chocolate chips. A teaspoon or two doesn't hurt right. Well,my whole idea was to have breakfast and dessert together in one meal.
Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Oat Bran with Nuts and Fruits



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