What you see above is a totally unplanned shot of our lunch last week.
I wasn't planning to shoot anything that day but when I plated the meal it looked photogenic and I had beautiful early afternoon light streaming through my kitchen windows that was just perfect.I had to click.

It all happened too fast,with this dish. I had almost half an hour to cook lunch before I dash out the door to pick my hungry kids. A quick search online brought me this recipe which I was satisfied with as I had just the right ingredients,beef and broccoli..tada..

Easy Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry


2013 had dawned. A very happy new year to all my readers ! May this year bring you joy, happiness and the best of you ! May you have the will power to stick to your new year resolutions all throughout ! 
I wish the same for me,when it comes to sticking with new year resolutions. I don't have many. The usual diet and exercise. I hope to make exercising regularly a priority. Now that my kids will start school tomorrow I'll have some me-time in the morning. Oh, and not to forget some yoga time squeezed in-between.
Moist Date Cake with Caramel Sauce



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