This month has been hectic so far. My elder son Ammar,one of the twins,came down with the fever. I should have expected this,with the weather change. We were sand blasted for a couple of days. The winds scattered copious amount of sand in to the roads and to our balcony too. A sign that chilly mornings and nights will be changing into warm ones. When that and it's opposite happens-that is,warm days turn in to chilly ones-kids fall sick. It always catches me off guard.

Prawns in Mild Coconut Curry


I recently fumbled upon Bee's site RasaMalaysia.Being a Srilankan I was so delighted to find many names I was familiar with like Sambal and Roti.Did you know that "Rasa" means taste in our local Sinhalese language? 

Bee was gracious enough to accept my request to do a guest post on her site,to introduce her readers to a bit about Srilankan food. Lankan food is a mix of many Asian cuisines,influenced by the migrant South Indians and Malay workers and also from being under colonial rule by the English,Dutch and the Portuguese.
Koththu Roti-The famous Srilankan street food


I first set eyes on Paulo when I was at a surprise birthday party thrown by my one of my husband's friends wife. A couple of families including us unlocked ourselves into the house with the key she gave us and began making the arrangements to surprise her husband while the couple was away. The place was new to me and I couldn't help glancing around and immediately drawn towards the bookshelf. There was when I saw him.  Paulo Coelho.
Spiced Red Carrot Muffins-A veggie touch for breakfast



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