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It's been a while since I posted on this small space of mine. It was an unintentional break.When I first started the blog,I thought it was all smooth sailing. I was excited and enjoyed the experience,the novelty it brought me.It was supposed to be a hobby,occupying my leisure time.But I didn't expect it to take over most of my time,the time I should be spending with my kids and looking after myself.

Preparing the food,arranging the set ,shooting would take several hours,not to mention the clean up after that,since there's no maid around.Then there is editing,which would take days for me since I'm a perfectionist. Along comes the social media part,being active in Twitter and FB and submitting to all the food porno sites.It was so overwhelming. I had to find a balance but I was unable to.

Then came the holidays. A much needed one.We went home,to the green haven after two years. Away from all the dust,heat and artificial life.I wanted to make it special for my kids since the last few times they were in Sri Lanka they were too small to absorb anything. Sadly,it was a short holiday due to husband's extreme workload. But we made the most out of it. As much as I wanted it to be a foodie tour, photographing food and prop hunting wherever we go,I never did any of those. I took my kids to visit people,relatives and friends. Places we've never been to.To enjoy being at home so they'll look forward to going back again.Here are,some of the memories I brought along with me.These travel shots are by my husband whose a nature and wildlife photography enthusiast. I was more than happy to handover the camera to him,and enjoy my time with the kids.

Motherly love..A family of elephants in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

A tusker having his lunch..At Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Well behaved elephants coming to their sanctuary after a bath in the river
A squirrel nibbling his the hill country,Gampola
A view from the backyard in my husband's paternal house,Gampola

Sleeping Buddha statue in a temple in Gampola,the largest of it's kind in South Asia

It was the Rambutan season,stalls full of Rambutan adorn the sides of the road
See how luscious the stall looks...I miss Rambutan
Mangosteens waiting for someone to grab... 
The white flesh of the Mangosteen....the fruit leaves dark red stains on your fingers

The winding roads leading to the hill country

A lone boat in Kotmale Reservoir

My personal favorite.......

Puppets on a roadside stall


  1. Hi, nice to see a post from you after a long time. I know what you mean. Blogging takes too much time, which is why I'm taking it easy with the posts these days (but I still find myself thinking about it a lot). All those pictures brought a smile to my face.

    1. Thanks Rathai for your lovely words.Good to know I'm not alone.

  2. Beautiful photos, missed your recipe posts. I remember Gampola, we used to live in Hemmathagama back then, and would always pass Gampola on our way to Kandy. Glad to see you back.

    btw I have linked your roti post in one of my recent blog post about Sri Lankan food.

    1. Thanks Abi and it feels good to be back and to read the lovely comments.Hope this keeps me going.
      Thanks again for linking my post.I'm unable to get to your blog.Why is that ?

  3. Beautiful photos Farwin! Sri Lanka is part of my must visit places :) I really hope to get to visit it soon :)

    1. Thanks didi.You should visit Sri Lanka.Hope you'll get to do it soon :)

  4. Utterly Beautiful!!
    I was thinking where you disappeared to!

    Hope you had a great time!

    I know exaclty how it feels! Blogging taking over your life!

    1. Thanks Arwa,for your lovely words ! Had a great time .
      Seems like lot of bloggers share the same experiences.It's all about finding the balance.

  5. Hi Farwin,

    I don't have a Facebook for my blog as of now (thought it would take too much time to be on all those sites) but I do have Twitter and have started to follow you on Twitter as Rathai. :)

    I hope you will post a recipe here soon because I love your writings and beautiful pictures!

  6. Wonderful travel pics them all. The rambutans and mongosteens look really inviting...after seeing these lovely pics I just want to fly to Srilanka soon to witness nature's beauty at its best.

    1. Thanks sweet,I bought a big bagful or Rambutan but alas,you were in India.You should visit SriLanka.It's such a lovely place.


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