I get hit by serious sugar cravings in the evenings sometimes. Those are the days when I take an average breakfast as opposed to my tummy-loading ones. And when I wake up after dozing off trying to get my kids to nap. According to healthy mantras,I don't stock anything for myself except some nuts and bran crackers. But I keep some chocolates and cookies around for kids.
So,when one of those cravings hit me,quite often recently,I frantically search for treasures tucked in corners of the cupboards.I won't even spare a sideways glance at the fruits on the table,let alone the veggies and yogurt in the refrigerator.Please God,let their be a  piece of forgotten chocolate or some cookies around.What about that jar of Nutella tucked away in the farthest end of the cupboard? Finally,I've found treasure. I slather a spoonful of nutella on my bran cracker and munch. spread,munch.spread,munch. It continues till I get sick of the whole thing.

Sweet Potato Nests


Meet a fellow food blogger and lovely lady behind the gorgeous food photography blog Cemplang Cemplung,Tika Hapsari Nilmada who is guest posting on my blog.A foodie friend I met in the blogging world I was instantly drawn towards her lovely food photos as we share the same passion for food and photography.She has won many DMBLGiT awards and had a been a host for the same.

We share the love for traditional dishes from our countries influenced by the culture and the people.So,it's no wonder Tika came up with a traditional Indonesian dish, Milk fish stew in soy sauce cooked in Betawinese/Jakarta style.I myself love milk fish and this is on the top of my must-try list.

Thank you,Tika for the lovely post and beautiful pictures.This post couldn't have come in any better time since I'm back to blogging after a long pause. Let me hand it over to Tika,to take you through a peek into the Indonesian cuisine.

When my dear fellow foodie blogger, Farwin, asked me to cook something traditional from Indonesia, I think of a dish from Jakarta/Betawi. Betawi cuisine was influenced by other cultures (Arabic, Chinese and Dutch). The “marriage” between different cultures blend together with original Betawi tradition. One of Chinese influence in Betawi cuisine is Dodol Betawi (taffy made from sticky rice, coconut and palm sugar) and China has similar dish called Nian Gao. While Nasi kebuli (Kebuli rice) was influenced by Arabic culture. The rice cooked with a lot of spices and goat meat that creates a flavorful rice.
Guest Post: Betawinese style milkfish stew in soy sauce by Tika from Cemplang Cemplung


It's been a while since I posted on this small space of mine. It was an unintentional break.When I first started the blog,I thought it was all smooth sailing. I was excited and enjoyed the experience,the novelty it brought me.It was supposed to be a hobby,occupying my leisure time.But I didn't expect it to take over most of my time,the time I should be spending with my kids and looking after myself.

Preparing the food,arranging the set ,shooting would take several hours,not to mention the clean up after that,since there's no maid around.Then there is editing,which would take days for me since I'm a perfectionist. Along comes the social media part,being active in Twitter and FB and submitting to all the food porno sites.It was so overwhelming. I had to find a balance but I was unable to.

Then came the holidays. A much needed one.We went home,to the green haven after two years. Away from all the dust,heat and artificial life.I wanted to make it special for my kids since the last few times they were in Sri Lanka they were too small to absorb anything. Sadly,it was a short holiday due to husband's extreme workload. But we made the most out of it. As much as I wanted it to be a foodie tour, photographing food and prop hunting wherever we go,I never did any of those. I took my kids to visit people,relatives and friends. Places we've never been to.To enjoy being at home so they'll look forward to going back again.Here are,some of the memories I brought along with me.These travel shots are by my husband whose a nature and wildlife photography enthusiast. I was more than happy to handover the camera to him,and enjoy my time with the kids.

Motherly love..A family of elephants in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

At home - Lankan Splendor



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