It's no myth that blogosphere has so many wonderful things to offer.Recipes that has amazing and an uncommon list of ingredients to the mouthwatering and saliva drooping food photos,you name it,you got it all. The most wonderful thing that offers, according to me is the hand of friendship. 
Isn't it amazing to find a friend who has the same tastes,similar opinions towards life and above all, blogs to discuss about ? We could go on for hours chatting. 
I met Raji online through the Fooderati Arabia and met in person at one of the foodie tours around Dubai. We clicked off immediately. She is this warm,friendly,down to earth person. And we have some meet ups planned and I'm sure we're going to enjoy it. 

You can meet Raji on her delightful vegetarian blog, Vegetarian Tastebuds. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter too.

Ground Rice Balls “Aggala” - Guest post for Vegetarian Tastebuds


March being the beginning of spring,everyone in the household except me has got a spring in their steps.That is,hubby and kids practice steps,sway their bodies in a rhythm to every dance-able song. The reason being that  they are having dance rehearsals everyday in their respective institutions.

Coming Thursday we'll be attending the Annual Day organized by S's company in a plush hotel.After a lot of talking and the presentation of awards there'll be a dance number performed by him and his colleagues.One of many acts to follow. That will be quite fun,considering the boring magic and game shows held last year.

I almost begged him several times to do his dance routine in front of me. He says he is saving it as a surprise.I warned him,though. He's not the savvy,vibrant,energetic dancer anymore who left me speechless and indignant at the same time, once in a party similar to high school prom. 

Speechless because that was the first time time I've seen him dancing and boy,he was good ! Furious because instead of dancing with me,he does this Step Up movie street dance kind of a thing with his friends. That was a decade ago when we were dating. Now, it will be quite entertaining to watch him dance after such a long time (wink,wink). I can't help but feel glad that he's broken the rut ,moving his body and enjoying it. Keeping my fingers crossed till Thursday !

Now my two little munchkins are particpating in the school concert in two weeks time.Ahi is all enthusiastic about it keeps me up to date on all his dance moves and activities. Ammar being the shy guy,had to bribed with chocolate to shake his body says the class teacher. Looking forward to seeing my munchkins on stage for the first time. 
Isn't that every mother's dream ? Seeing their tiny tots perform on stage,or grown up and receiving awards and accolades,and the round of applause sounding like a token of appreciation for what you have done as a mother. Ah.. The simple pleasures of motherhood !

Choco Banana Muffins


When Tika asked me to do a guest post on her site Cemplang Cemplung about a traditional Sri Lankan dish,I was thrilled.
I met the talented Tika in Facebook and instantly drawn to her site.Her food photography is amazing and her passion for it shines through each and every one of her photographs.She has won several DMBLGiT awards,a monthly food photography contest recognizing the best of food photography.
And this warm and generous lady has another blog dedicated to food photography tips for aspiring newbies like us.

Though I had several traditional recipes in mind,I wanted to feature this sweet dish I absolutely loved growing up.

A thin crepe roll filled with coconut,jaggery and nut filling and served with treacle on the side.

Coconut Jaggery filled Crepes with Treacle - Guest Post for Cemplang Cemplung



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