Koththu Roti-The famous Srilankan street food


I recently fumbled upon Bee's site RasaMalaysia.Being a Srilankan I was so delighted to find many names I was familiar with like Sambal and Roti.Did you know that "Rasa" means taste in our local Sinhalese language? 

Bee was gracious enough to accept my request to do a guest post on her site,to introduce her readers to a bit about Srilankan food. Lankan food is a mix of many Asian cuisines,influenced by the migrant South Indians and Malay workers and also from being under colonial rule by the English,Dutch and the Portuguese.

Koththu roti,is a popular street food which can be found in every nook and corner in the country.Koththu literally means "chop".It's a  mix of shredded roti,meat,curry and vegetables.Koththu is blended together on a flat iron skillet using two metal blades on wooden handles.The clashing of metal blades with the iron skillet which creates a distinctive musical sound and the aroma of freshly cooked Koththu is enough to draw a passerby to stop and indulge in this flavorful dish.

You can easily make the roti to be used in Koththu,at home.Or if you are pressed for time or convenience you can buy the pre-made roti or parotta.Even the flour tortillas will work.

You'll find this dish on the menu in any Srilankan restaurant,be it anywhere in the world.So,head over to Rasa Malaysia for the recipe for this unique dish that we Lankans have come to love and seek out where ever we are.


  1. Delicious recipe and superb clicks...

  2. Wow this looks yummy! I made it this weekend and we loved it - Hope to blog it soon :)

  3. this dish is immensely popular in south india too & i love it... looks yummy!

  4. Wow Farwin.. you made the rotis as well.. Thats a grt job!!! And should I mention awesome snaps everytime??? :)


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