They say that when you don't have anything to start a conversation with,talk about the weather.The weather is playing havoc these days. Just yesterday our car read the temperature as 24 degree Celsius outside. It wasn't much cold in Dubai this time. Kids weren't wearing any extra clothing other than their usual summertime shorts and pants. Even the AC was running throughout the night for a few days unlike last year where it remained forgotten for a good few months. But I remember back in Qatar,I had to buy heaters to keep us warm. I was feeling a bit sad,that the winter is coming to an end so soon,even before it started.And that soon,the harsh summer will be upon us.
But it had read 15 degree Celsius in the morning today and S wanted me to bring the kid's jackets to the car to take them to school. Sure enough,it was chilly and windy. I loved it. I hope the winter will last long. And the summer will be far and short.
Eggplants in Tomato Sauce-a quick side dish for your meals


Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you a happy 2012 filled with lots of love,joy and laughter.
Here's to new beginnings with a traditional Coconut Milk Rice or Kiribath,the way we Srilankans celebrate new year, be it  Roman or the traditional Sinhalese new year.Kiribath makes it's way into every important event or auspicious moment in a Lankan's life.
Milk Rice and A New Year



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