This post was sitting in my drafts for a couple of days now,but hardly had any time to review and publish.Had a  great weekend attending Blogger events by Famished in Arabia,the UAE's Food Blogger group. More of it later...
Ever had any days where things never turn out as you expected,things go wrong when you haven't planned it at all,whatsoever.Well,this is one such incident.
I had an abundance of bananas,waiting to rot.Abundance of dates by boxfuls,leftovers of Ramadan.And I had a craving for a baked goodie,so much so that I started perusing the cooking magazines,recipe cutouts voraciously to find something that will put my leftovers and whatever I had in hand to good use.And voila! Spiced banana and date cupcake came to the rescue.

Spiced Banana & Date Cupcake


I've been away from my blog for sometime,It felt like a long silence.I was desperate to post,to get things out in the open,first Ramadan, then this excitement kept me busy.I was super excited..yeah..super excited.My little ones started schooling.
It seems like yesterday when I held my babies in my arms,having no clue as to what to do or how to take care.I braved myself for the task taking each day in with my Dearest DH next to me.It's been forty months since then and now my little boys donned in uniforms,are off to school.Just can't believe we made this far.
They've been to nursery before but this is the first step to the real world..An episode of life which I'm sure we all miss...More than them I love going to the school.It brings back all those lovely memories..chatting away with friends without a care in the world,delicious food being shared..Wish I could go back in time...

Steamed Jaggery and Coconut milk Pudding/Watalappan


Hope you all had wonderful Eid!

Eid for me was great but hectic too.Hubby was extremely busy,that meant late night outings and late,lazy mornings.Routines were gone haywire and kids were falling asleep or up and about on all the odd times.I had a couple of snacks and dessert ideas to be worked on and none materialized till now,after somewhat establishing the routine again...Phew...

Chicken and Feta Manakish/Arabic Pizza



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