Srilankan Milk Toffees with Nuts- a delicious treat for Eid


Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid this week.The festival of sacrifice.It is one of the two most important Islamic festivals, Eid al-Adha begins on the 10th day of Dhu'l-Hijja, the last month of the lunar Islamic calendar. Lasting for three days, it occurs at the conclusion of the annual Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. 
Eid Al-Adha commemorates Prophet Abraham's willingness to obey God when he envisioned that he was to sacrifice his son. Muslims observe this day by slaughtering an animal (usually a sheep) and then offering much of its meat in charity to poor people. 

So,there's normally an array of meat preparations,devilled,fried and curried.But it isn't complete without some mouth watering munchies to nibble after a heavy feast  or when spending time with your family and friends.

Kiri Aluwa or the milk toffee is one of the famous sweets in Srilanka.It's easy to make and divine to taste over cup of tea.All you need is a few ingredients and some 15 minutes of stirring time.It can be called a solid version of dulce-de leche minus the cooking time.

This delicious nibble is made in almost every household,served to guests over tea or wrapped for a sweet gift.This is one of my hubby's favorites and he wanted it for Eid though I wasn't actually planning to make it and had puddings and trifles in my mind which can be time consuming.

This candy has a soft bite,screams of caramelized milk tantalizing your tastebuds,and gives you the crunch of roasted nuts in every bite.Simply delicious!

Milk Toffee with Nuts/Kiri Aluwa

1 can condensed milk
250 g sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 cardomom pods(seeds crushed)
50 g cashews
4 tbsp water

  • Roast the cashew nuts,chop them and keep aside.
  • Butter a dish and keep it ready.
  • In a heavy bottomed non stick pan,mix the sugar and water.
  • Over a low heat,dissolve the sugar.When most of the sugar has dissolved add the condensed milk and keep stirring.
  • Increase the flame to medium and keep stirring until the mixture begins to crystallize.This will take about 15 minutes.add the crushed cardomom and vanilla.
  • When the mixture turns into a light brown color and leaves the sides of the pan,when you feel it's shaping into a mass,add the nuts.
  • Take it off from fire and pour it onto the buttered dish.
  • You can smooth the top with an oiled spatula.
  • Cut into pieces with an oiled knife.
  • Once cooled,store it in an airtight container.

Sit back,relax,enjoy a piece of delicious milk and nut toffee over a cup of tea with your friends and family this Eid.Wishing you all an Eid filled with happiness and joy!


  1. A must try recipe, looks very yummy!

  2. Wonderful kiddo will love this..I will try this out soon.

  3. wow!!One of my favourite from Sri Lanka...This looks delicious....

  4. so simple yet tasty!!! lovely pics , loved the blue of the ribbon!!!

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  9. Thanks to all the lovely people for your wonderful ya..

  10. i loooove toffee! this is great, always wanted to know how they're made, this recipe is one that I'll be coming back to for sure. Eid Mubarak Farwin!

  11. delicious looking milk toffee looks wonderful

  12. Milk toffees .......superb......yummy.......delicious

  13. Looks delicious n yummy, Farwin!!
    First time to your space and caught by the yummy toffee .. Glad to follow you :-))
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    Erivum puliyum

  14. Thanks guys,really appreciate your comments..

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  16. The toffees look so delicious. Just the treat for kids and adults alike :)

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  18. what a wonderful way to treat kids with nutritional values! i love the captures. good work!

  19. Hello. Thank you for such a lovely post and the easy to follow recipe! I made this for the first time, following your steps, and it turned out so well! Just like how my Achi makes! Now it's waiting to be cut.
    Your photos are beautiful too.

  20. Hello. Thank you for such a lovely post and the easy to follow recipe! I made this for the first time, following your steps, and it turned out so well! Just like how my Achi makes! Now it's waiting to be cut.
    Your photos are beautiful too.

  21. Couldn't resist these toffees. Next time you make them, please give me a buzz - I'll pick up some from you:)

    1. I know, they are so addictive. Sure,Ishita. Will give you a buzz next time I make it :)


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