Black and White Wednesday - Season's Favorites

4 fingers are drumming,staring blankly into the screen,lost in thought as to what to write..Aha..Apples - season's favorites.They are fresh,juicy and delicious this time of the year.And I had to photograph the beauties.

These pictures are my submissions for Black and White Wednesday hosted by Susan of Well seasoned Cook.


  1. Nice clicks. Thanks for stopping by Farwin. You blog is beautiful. I would love to follow :)

  2. The apples are gorgeous. The 'flower' in center is accented by the B&W, nice.

  3. Thanks healthyforbetter and Rhonda for your comments..

  4. Great shots you take lady...totally impressive!!! Im so glad to have you found, havent tried any of recipes as yet though but alone the photography has convinced me to become a regular follower:DDD


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