Black and White Wednesday-In the middle of baking..


On a trip to the grocery store the other day Ammar picked up a frozen chocolate cake as though to  remind me to bake one,which I haven't done in a long,long time.The last time I baked a chocolate cake,the kids didn't even taste it.They were not fond of cakes that much and I'm to blame for not introducing them to cakes,cookies and and ice cream earlier.Now they've started exploring these new stuff.

As it was a gloomy afternoon,I opted for a one bowl chocolate cake from Joy of baking.Mix all in the pan you're baking and pop it in the oven.Simple as that.

I definitely liked the batter.So creamy and tasty.But the cake didn't live up to my dreams.What did I do wrong ? Perhaps,licking too much batter ? or busy taking photographs that I forgot to stir the flour before adding the liquids?

This goes to the Black and White Wednesday hosted by Susan of Well-Seasoned Cook.


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