Chappathi or Roti(pan cooked flatbread)as we call it,sans the ghee,has been my food in need,the food that came to my rescue when I didn't have enough time to spend in the kitchen with two newborns to tend to.The food I can eat with almost any curry,veggie or spread I had, in any form be it stuffed,wrapped or just shredded.

The soft and delicious Ghee Rotis


Happy Diwali for all you lovely people out there celebrating!

It's so nice to see the atmosphere here,even though this part of the town is very quiet.Loud and happy chit-chat of the neighbors in the corridors who come out to exchange sweets,children clad in their best clothes running around and in the night the darkness lights up with all those multi-colored mini lights hanging up on the balconies  adding a true festive spirit into the air.
And now,I present this mango cheesecake though we're way past the mango season.Poor hubby thought that mangoes which look plump,juicy and bright colored will surely taste good.But he was wrong.The mangoes weren't that bad but they failed to impress me,me who grew up with a mom who was addicted to mangoes.

No Bake Mango Cheesecake with Mango Sauce


What a lovely day! The weather is getting better in this part of the world and I can't be more happier.And I have an announcement to make.I've decided to change the blog name after I found out there was another site named as registered recently.

So after much thought and contemplation,weeks of trying different names and word games with my hubby and friends,here I present my new blog name "Love & other Spices"

Another reason to celebrate which is closely associated with the name is our anniversary,Dating Anniversary,I call it.Even though we don't celebrate anniversaries as such,today is special because twelve years back on this very same day my hubby pronounced his love for me..Ahemmm,asked me out..Poor soul...Even though we've been married for six years he's been putting up with me for the past decade..Gosh ! Not that I'm a terrible person(I might have on second thought),because you know,women,we have our ups and lows which are difficult to deal with. :) No offense..

Anyways,love him to bits and the name suddenly struck out of nowhere..I love spices and being loved and I believe in adding some love to the dishes with spices is what makes it delicious.
Well,yeah ..the truth ? I watched the movie but believe me,I remembered it after I liked the name.So,no going back..

Thanks and stick on for more love and spices.
Blog Name Change - Love & other Spices


That was a lot of pink's for me...Even though I'm not much of a pink fan,rather a pinkish purple person,I love seeing pink on lovely little girls..When I step into a clothing store for my guys,I can't help but glance at those wonderful cute little pink gowns.
Having blurted out my thoughts,I move onto more serious business.The pink is all about the Breast Cancer Awareness Program in the month of October.This post is dedicated to all the wonderful women out there who are battling it.

Easy Pink Cake for a Pink Post


The delicious red rice is a staple in my country.This long grain beauty clothed in a red husk is minimally processed and has a high nutritional value.When cooked it imparts a deep rich color which is an absolute beauty.I have tried cooking brown rice and every time it fails to satisfy me.Even if I soak it for hours and hours and add bucketfuls of water or stock it never gets done properly but the red rice cooks fast and has a nutty flavor(yeah,when I mean cooked,it's fully cooked and not make you feel you're tasting soaked rice after simmering for half an hour as in the case of brown rice.) .

Red Rice Porridge



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