If there's one thing that's staple in our Iftar menu,that has to be the Conjee,the warm and comforting rice porridge that will fill your belly and delight you after those long hours of fasting.I have to have at least a couple of spoonfuls or else I feel as if I haven't had anything at all.

Back at home we have it all year around,specially for breakfast,made with red rice or herbs.An easy one pot meal that keeps you fully satisfied.And in Ramadan,it's made in all the Muslim households for Iftar,mostly with some kind of meat and veggies.I still remember taking the warm conjee made by mom and aunt,to neighbors as it is a sign of good gesture.And we would taste the different varieties of Conjee and snacks received from our neighbors and relatives.All this porridge talk conjures up vivid memories of past that makes me want to live them again....hmmmm.I still make it here on weekends,specially on friday mornings and my DH and sons love it..

Chicken & Wheat Conjee/Porridge


There's so much to do in this blessed month of Ramadan.First let me wish my readers a Blessed Ramadan,even though this comes pretty late it's something I had to do now that I have followers.Thanks guys for making my days!!
Even though what I am not going to say next is not in anyway related to food blogging,I need to get it out and across.You must have heard about the famine in Africa,specially in Somalia.There were about 29,000 child deaths in the past 9 months.Having lost a baby brother when growing up and as a mother of two little kids I felt strongly about this.Specially knowing that,this could be avoided with a bit of help from all of us.Here in Dubai,we have SMS services that donate money and Government sites where you can login and deposit your Sadaqatul Fitr or charity online.Spread the word around.Please ask dua for them specially when breaking fast. And find out how you can help from your country or area.

Shrimp String-hoppers Biryani


Invite me for a dinner or a get-together.This is the first thing that comes to my mind to surprise you with.It's easily put together in no time but has to be chilled overnight for that extra flavor.This is one of the favorite desserts of the Srilankans because I've seen peoples faces light up to the mere mention of the name.

I've made it twice in a row for a friend who invited me for dinner and for a friend i'll be inviting pretty soon.Well,if you have your hands full with kids like me,this can be made ahead of time and kept it in the refrigerator until you get that dinner party finally arranged for your friend. 

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding



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